Top Ways to Ensure Your Dental Health

orthodontist website - Some simple dental habits go a long way in building strong white teeth, and allow you to indulge in those yummy chocolates and delicacies once in a while without the fear of pain. Regular practice is important if you desire everlasting results. If you're a parent, you would be setting healthier dental standards for your children to follow with these healthy habits.

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- Brush the Right Way
According to dental experts, holding the brush at a 450 angle against the teeth and brushing in circular strokes is the best way to brush. Brushing movements must be gentle and not vigorous, to avoid injury to gums.

Dental Health
- Use a Tongue Cleaner
Accumulation of bacteria on the tongue contributes to foul breath. A tongue cleaner/scraper is more adept at removing bacteria than a tooth brush. A bacteria-free tongue translates into fresh breath for you.

Dental Health
- Replace Tooth Brush Regularly
Worn out tooth brushes can contaminate your mouth with bacteria. Avoid using a tooth brush for more than three or four months, recommends Mayo Clinic. If you're using a battery- or electric-powered brush, replace the brush head after 3 or 4 months. Replace brush sooner if tooth brush bristles are getting worn out. Ensure that you use a toothbrush with soft bristles that fits comfortably into your mouth.

Be Patient and Persistent
Take time to brush your teeth without hurrying to complete the job. For healthy results, brush your teeth two times a day at the least. Never miss brushing immediately after getting up in the morning and brushing before sleep.

Munch on Teeth-Friendly Foods
Food items such as apples, popcorn and fresh-from-store carrots, which are crunchy and firm to the bite, help clean teeth. While brushing after eating is the most recommended method, munch on these foods as a teeth-cleaning alternative for times when brushing after eating is not possible.

Take Small Precautions
Brush immediately after consuming anything dark (e.g. dark chocolates, dark juices, red wine, etc.). These products can leave a stain on your teeth. Practice brushing after smoking.

Baking soda or salt help clean stains on teeth and whiten teeth as well. Apply either to teeth the same way as you would apply your tooth paste, and brush. Perform such cleaning once in a week.

Test your breath by licking your hand or palm and smelling the wetness immediately. If there is an odor, use a breath-refreshing gum or an alcohol-free mouthwash to retain fresh breath.


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